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Indian Philosopher as Tibetan Folk Hero Legend of Langkor: A New Source Material on Phadampa Sangye

Among the Indian siddha who made their way across the Himalayas into Tibet almost a millennium ago is the dark one called Pha Dampa Sangye (Pha gcig dampa sans rgyas). Most of what we know about this popular India saint who lost his beautiful body en route form India took place after he reached Tibet. There, settled in the Blue Dharma Valley of Dingri, he taught the essence of the path of Prajnaparamita and is now credited with having introduced to the theory and practice of the Void, systems which were taken up by all Tibetan Buddhist schools.

The Story of Pha Dampa Sangyas’ Journey to Tibet

Pha Dampa Sangyas was the son of an Indian Brahmin couple who grew up in that most holy of lands many centuries ago (~1050-1117?). From an early age he showed signs of being exceptional, and was possessed with a conviction that he should travel to Tibet to teach.