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“Stories passed down to us through oral traditions find a new medium through this book by Dr. Barbara Nimri Aziz. The author has preserved the essence of storytelling, seamlessly weaving the lives of two remarkable Nepali women into a pattern that includes the whole world. These women will inspire not only girls in Nepal but anyone who believes in justice.” Manaslu Gurung

“The long hidden, genuine truth of the struggle for justice waged by two brave ladies, Nepal’s Yogmaya and Durga Devi, will now be exposed internationally, even to the young generation, with this grand effort by a capable, experienced researcher, Dr. Barbara Nimri Aziz.”                            Sukanya Waiba

“This is a captivating book that weaves together the lives of two ferocious and understudied Nepali leaders. By making accessible their legal, spiritual and cultural activism, Barbara Nimri Aziz is a cheerleader for bravery in young women and girls.”                                                                 Sabrina Singh

Yogmaya & Durga Devi: Rebel Women of Nepal

A century ago Yogmaya and Durga Devi, two women champions of justice, emerged from a remote corner of rural Nepal to offer solutions to their nation’s social and political ills. Then they were forgotten.

Years after their demise, in 1980 veteran anthropologist Barbara Nimri Aziz first uncovered their suppressed histories in her comprehensive and accessible biographies…read more.

Paperback edition is available in the US on Amazon and in Nepal through Mandala Book Point.