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Syria, Alas. Is There Reason for Optimism?

May 15, 2023 By B Nimri Aziz Counterpunch We have a stingy agreement from most Arab League countries that Syria, one of its founding members, one of the…

What Was That Biden Said About Ending the War?

an assessment of a president’s statement of wanting to end the war, with his announcement of giving dozens of Abrams tanks to Ukraine

Treachery or Opportunism: Horse-trading in the US Congress

vote-trading in US politics, political caucuses, The Squad Congress members; Margaret Kimberly, Jacobin Magazine

My 2023 New Year Resolution—Liberty for Julian Assange

BNimri Aziz 01.02.2023 Counterpunch 01.05.23 WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s vindication seems– maybe, perhaps, imaginably—achievable. It’s enough for me to publish my singular New Year resolution– not a wish,…

Do Meghan and Harry Really Believe They Control the Narrative?

Ex-royals Duke and Duchess of Sussex swept into the American media business

V-P Kamala Harris Needs A Beefed-up Press Office and A Better Job   

Is US Vice-President Harris really being useful in her powerful position?

Bang, Bang, Bang– Terrifying Here; Heroic over There. More Weapons for Ukraine vs Rising Shootings in the US

by B Nimri Aziz, April 12, 2022          New Yorkers and many Americans across the country are staggered by last week’s subway shootings. It’s like a film, or…

Martin Luther King Jr: Encountered in Algeria, 2008

“Mahteen”, she said, meeting my eyes for the first time while she attended to the papers that I’d set on her desk. I was in Oran, Algeria, being…

Etel Adnan, Esteemed Poet and Artist might well inquire about her missing Arab companions, as the outstanding New York exhibition of her art draws to a close

Jan 8/2022 by B Nimri Aziz There are perhaps five million Arabs who identify as Americans, our earliest ancestors having arrived here almost two centuries ago. Many more…

Vicissitudes of Syria War Reporting

by Barbara Nimri Aziz. December 7, 2021 It’s long past time for a reckoning by Washington on its disastrous  policy in Syria. Instead of addressing the scope and…